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Let It Shine

Jude’s Miracle Cloth

‘the best $6 you will ever spend’…

Cleaning and polishing cloths of many types and materials come into play over the years.  We have tried them all.  Then along comes Jude’s Miracle Cloth.  I was reluctant to purchase these at first…just another cleaning cloth.  Trusting a salesman I know well I agreed to try 50 of these.  Having sold these for several years now I have to report this is the best selling item in the store with sales in the tens of thousands.

This simple cloth cleans with no cleaning product but WATER!  Simply wet it and wring it out, it will clean your mirrors, windows, inside car windows, computer screens,eye glasses... glassware will literally sparkle and it cleans stainless steel appliances with one wipe…just wipe and walk away.

When they’re dirty put them in the washing machine.  One Jude’s Cloth lasts as long as 22 rolls of paper towels.  It’s the best $6 you will ever spend.

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