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Once Tried, Always Used.

You can go through half a lifetime and one day you hear about something indispensable…this describes Barkeeper’s Friend.  What is it?  This is a non-abrasive cleaning powder that works where other cleaners do not.

When you’ve tried all the others Barkeeper’s Friend is the solution.  Use it on bathroom fixtures and kitchen sinks…it won’t scratch the surfaces. Great for restoration projects. Cleans stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, ceramic, porcelain, tile, plastic and fibreglass.  Use on door and window hardware, knobs and hard synthetic flooring.  

It’ll even remove plant stains and pollution from hard surfaces.  Erases rust stains from concrete, masonry and grout.

Removes brake dust from wheels.  Cleans siding, boats, bikes, grills, tools and sports equipment.


Barkeeper’s Friend Glass Stove Top Cleaner is amazing too…try them both.

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