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Are You Feeling Hungry?

Things to eat.  We pride ourselves in bringing in GOURMET FOOD items that are special. I try to never purchase any edibles without sampling to make sure they are exceptional. There are many products we have carried for a lot of years…they are the items that become staples. Our Sassy Teriyaki sauce from Brickstone is one of those items…customers say it’s the best they’ve ever tasted.

Our  LEMON OLIVE OIL is so good you can  just dip bread in it an enjoy.  It’s also a wonderful addition to cooking fish.  Olive oil is know form being one of the healthiest oils to eat.

During the Xmas season we sell PEPPERMINT BARK from Saxon Chocolate.  It is dangerously delicious and always a favourite for gifts. We also carry non-alcoholic Ciders in 6 different flavours.  We sell this every Xmas…it is delicious and very affordable.

MOP sauce is our best selling barbecue sauce…it has a bit of heat and tastes delicious.

BEET AND ONION JAM.  This is an amazing product…you have to taste it to believe it.

During the Xmas season we sample dozens and dozens of food products so it’s a great time to do your own taste tests!

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