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Diamonds Are Forever

I LOVE MY FRYING PAN.  I have never had so many customers tell me how much they love a piece of cookware as Swiss Diamond Non-Stick frying pans. While there is a complete line of cookware from Swiss Diamond…the frying pan is always the one we sell the most.  Why?  Because frying is always a sticky business!  

We are impatient.  We tend to turn the heat on high thinking that it will speed up the whole cooking process when in fact we only get food that is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Most people have had a bad experience with non-stick cookware.  Most brands don’t wear very well and warp so we are continually having to replace them.  Swiss Diamond was designed in Switzerland for a space shuttle and somehow found it’s way to cookware. It is not inexpensive….BUT…it is the best non-stick cookware I have ever come across. Plus…it cooks like cast iron without the clean-up.

You will pay $200 or more and you will never regret it.  You cannot expect life time wear from any non-stick pan…however you will get 5 to 10 years of the most easy cooking ever. I sometimes call it “no-brainer” cooking.  You can be impatient and still cook a great steak and just rinse it out afterwards.  All Swiss Diamond goes in the oven up to 500 degrees.

I always tell customers that even the best non-stick pan is the best the day you buy it and it will lose its non-stick properties as time goes by.

No non-stick cookware lasts forever but Swiss Diamond is a quality frypan and easy to use.  Just ask hundreds of my customers….they will give you a testimonial!

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